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How to Get Rid of Roaches at Home

Without a doubt, cockroaches are easily among the most despised pests worldwide. Along with mosquitoes and other disease-carrying insects, roaches are also notorious for carrying diseases with them and spreading them to the people they come contact with. Some of these diseases are: typhoid, gastroenteritis, poliomyelitis, and dysentery.

And since roaches are known to survive in dirty environments such as the garbage bins and dumpsites, as well as feed on anything (from rotten food to fermenting products to feces), it’s not surprising to discover how contaminated the things they also come in contact with turn to. As a matter of fact, their fecal remains may also trigger eczema and various allergic reactions to some people.

The presence of roaches in your home can pose serious health risks and threats to your loved ones. Considered as one of the common household pests across the globe, they are commonly difficult to get rid of as these little critters can thrive even under the harshest conditions. However, there are still a number of methods you can follow in responding to a sign of cockroaches in your house.

Determine the source of infestation

Your cockroach problem at home can be solved best by determining the source of infestation. This means, you must do a little sleuthing around your house to find where the roaches are coming from. Since these insects are nocturnal, you might want to do the inspection during night time when they are in their most active state as they search for a potential food source.

Commonly, roaches may enter through drains, crevices, and vents. Their primary infestation spot may also be your kitchen, since they prefer humid and warm areas. Determining the source of infestation is important so you can give the area a thorough cleaning to prevent these roaches from thriving.

Seal any cracks in your home

To prevent the roaches and other creeping insects to crawl their way inside your house, ensure that all cracks are sealed properly. Unsealed cracks can turn into potential entry points where the roaches can enter with ease. If you are already dealing with a population of roaches existing in your home and you leave these cracks unsealed, chances are, more roaches can find their way inside your home.

Roaches are known to hide in crevices and cracks around your household, so it’s best to conduct a general inspection to make sure each wall is sealed well.

Commercial roach extermination

In the event of a cockroach infestation, one of the common methods to deal with the problem is to use roach and insect-killing commercial sprays. Spray the product if you see a roach crawling inside your home, or at any area where there is a sign of cockroach infestation.

While this may be a quick and efficient way to get rid of roaches, however, ensure that you won’t be spraying the chemicals in areas exposed to your children or pets. You wouldn’t want these harmful and toxic chemicals to be in any place where your loved ones may eat or play.

If you’re opting for an organic repellent, bay leaves can be used to repel cockroaches easily – although this method does not guarantee that the roaches would be killed.

Clean your kitchen

Cockroaches tend to favor your kitchen for a reason. Not only is it a humid and warm area, which is their ideal infestation spot, but it is also the place where there are food crumbs left around for them to feast on. To avoid potential infestation, it is important to clean your food waste and other spillages as soon as possible. Keep your wastes in sealed bins to prevent any roach and other insects from having access to it.

Disinfect the surfaces in your kitchen every now and then. Give it a thorough wiping and cleaning with anti-bacterial solutions, since roaches can be attracted to all the dirt and grime.

If your roach infestation problem at home is left untreated, it may escalate to serious problems which may not only damage your property but also affect the health and well-being of your loved ones.

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