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How to Get Rid of Rats and Mice for Good

Rodents are among the most common pests today, not just in Singapore but in almost all countries around the world. Surely, many of us have encountered rats and mice in our home at least once. We all already know the trouble these pests can bring not only to our properties but also to our health.


The first step to getting rid of rats and mice is knowing where they commonly stay. Here are some of the common places they can hide in your home:


Basements can be regular hotspots for rodents simply because of all the stuff that’s being left there. Items not being used daily, old furniture, washers, and etc. are usually all crammed in the basement. Rats and mice can use these things as shelter and you’ll hardly notice it. Additionally, these rodents also go there because basements are generally dimly lit and rats and mice thrive off that darkness.

If you want to avoid this, you’ll have to keep your basement well-lit and clean. Even if you have to put old furniture and or unused items there, make sure to arrange and clean them regularly.


It’s already pretty obvious that rats and mice go to where the food is. Once they catch the scent of food and you turn the lights off, they’ll start exploring the kitchen. They can use the area under the sink as a hiding place and just come out when the time is right for them to. That is why you have to make sure that you don’t leave food exposed on your tables.

Walls (Interiors)

Because rodents prefer dark, hidden places in your home, they might take shelter inside wall interiors. This actually makes it easy for them to stay in a house undetected for a long period of time. Because they are unseen, they can do a lot of damage by gnawing through electrical wires and even the wood that’s the foundation of your walls. This can surely bring you a lot of trouble the longer this goes on. Plus, you’ll only really notice they’re there once you see the clear signs of a rodent infestation.


In most cases, you’ll know where the rodents are hiding because they leave certain signs of their presence. These signs could also tell you where the rodents are hiding around your home.


One of the more obvious signs of a rodent infestation are droppings. Rats and mice use their urine and feces to mark their own territory. Though you can use these to determine where the rodents are hiding, you can’t just clean everything up without protection. There are a lot of dangerous diseases associated with rat and mice feces. If you don’t wear a mask and inhale some airborne particles, you will be putting yourself at risk of contracting viruses or diseases.


If you hear frequent gnawing or scratching on your ceiling or wall interiors, you can be sure that they are made by rats and/or mice. They typically gnaw or scratch their way through wood to make more pathways for themselves around the house or to gain access to food. It is important to note though that not all noises of this sort are made by rodents. They can just be from pipes or other works inside your house’s construction. But once you hear squeaking, you already know what it is.

Getting Rid of Rats and Mice

1) Traps

When it comes to traps, you can make them on your own by watching DIY videos or just buy the pre-made ones. Before setting up traps, make sure that you get rid of possible food sources because a fed rat will not likely go for the bait anymore. You need to keep food tightly sealed in containers and keep garbage cans free of any leftovers.

2) Using Poison

Using poison rat poison is basically the same as setting up traps. You’ll have to get rid of all other food sources to entice the rat to take the bait. It is important to know that the poison does not take effect immediately. This can be a problem because the rat or mouse can die in an area that you cannot see. This means you won’t be able to clean it up and it will leave a foul smell. The decomposing rat might also leave airborne particles that can lead to diseases. So think hard if you really want to use poison or not.

3) Keep clean and close away any openings

One great way to help prevent rodents from entering your home is really to keep it clean. To put it simply, a clean home isn’t very inviting to rodents because they can’t hide well and they won’t easily find food (from trash cans for example). You should also make sure to seal away any openings no matter if it’s a small crack or a big hole on your wall.

Call the Professionals

Though you can always try DIY traps, it would always be better to call the professionals. This is because you can save yourself some time and effort, all the while prioritizing safety and efficiency when it comes to the elimination of rodents. At PestDestroyer, we make sure that the problem is thoroughly diagnosed and dealt with so you won’t have to worry about anything else.


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