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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Although not inherently dangerous, fruit flies can be really annoying to deal with especially in Singapore where there is an abundance of fruits and vegetables. They are usually attracted to exposed perishable items from gardens, rotting fruit, and etc. Here we will explain how fruit fly infestations start and how to prevent or get rid of them.

How do they gain access to homes?

It is generally easy for fruit flies to gain access to homes. The more obvious would be if you leave windows or doors open and have ripe fruit exposed. You might also bring fruits and vegetables that already have fruit flies or pupae on them. Aside from that, they can breed in garbage bins, drains, and even mops and cleaning rags. 

Behavior and reproduction

Fruit flies are actually very common anywhere there is food allowed to rot or fruits are over-ripened. This can be in homes, supermarkets, restaurants, and etc. They are also attracted to anything that’s fermented like wine, which is why you can make wine traps (more on this later). Fruit flies normally lay their eggs on the surface of organic materials. Anything that’s moist, fermented, or even rotting fruit are ideal breeding grounds for fruit flies. Adult fruit flies can be seen hovering around rotten fruits and vegetables in trash cans, ripe fruits in the kitchen, and the like.

The problem is that fruit fly reproduction can get pretty immense. A female fruit fly can lay close to 500 eggs and their lifecycle is typically completed in a week. This is why it can get hard if you don’t eliminate them completely.


Fruit flies are simply considered nuisance pests. But you still can’t take them for granted. They can contaminate any exposed food with bacteria just like normal flies do.


Eliminate their food sources and breeding grounds

One of the best ways to get rid of fruit flies is to remove their food sources and possible breeding grounds. Fruits that are ripe should be eaten immediately or refrigerated if possible. Any part of a fruit that’s damaged or cracked should also be cut or disposed of because the likelihood of fruit fly larvae growing in them can be significant. You should also check the fruits and vegetables you are bringing in from outside and make sure that they are clean. It would also be easier to prevent fruit flies from coming inside your home by keeping your windows and doors shut or simply installing screens.

Keep Clean

In connection to that, you should always make the effort of cleaning any drains and disposing of your garbage as often as it allows. As implied earlier, even just one rotting fruit that’s left unattended can be a breeding ground for hundreds of fruit flies both larvae and adult. Aside from that, make sure that all food containers are sealed tight because fruit flies can still lay their eggs near the lid and the larvae can find themselves a way into the container.

Use Traps

Setting up traps for fruit flies can also be pretty easy and there are all sorts of traps you can make. The wine trap mentioned earlier is one. You basically pour some wine into a glass and cover the opening with a plastic wrap. Then, you punch a small hole so the fruit flies can enter. Because they love the smell of wine they will go into the hole, but will not know how to get out. This also works if you use fruits, apple cider vinegar or just regular vinegar as bait. You can even just buy fly paper traps.

As mentioned earlier, because a female fruit fly can lay 500 eggs it can get difficult if you don’t dispose of them quickly. If you can’t seem to deal with the fruit flies on your own and they keep coming back out of nowhere, it might be a good idea to call the professionals at PestDestroyer. They can make plans to deal with the fruit fly infestation as quickly and as efficiently as possible. They also use safe, NEA-approved chemical pesticides to make sure that the flies will not be able to gain access to your home too easily anymore.


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