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How to Get Rid of Flies

With their buzzing noise and pervasive nature, house flies can be among the most distracting pests found in your household. It’s as if you cannot enjoy a fresh breeze through open windows without worrying if a fly made its way inside as well. Once they made their entry in your house, prepare for these flying pests to be endlessly buzzing around!

Before you waste all your time figuring out how they got inside in the first place, it is important to address your existing fly control problem. Sometimes, this can be done by preventing their entry in your house. Install protective screens so the flies cannot enter easily. Swatting them dead can be a tough job, unless you have the rapid dexterity of an athlete that is, but it’s still an option you can choose to take. Flies can be notorious for flying around and moving at what it seems to be the speed of light.

More than just distracting you with their loud buzzing noise, these flies also pose a great health risk to you and your loved ones at home. Flies are known to crawl on almost everything, even feces, and wherever they land on they pick up and carry on their legs which prompts the possibility of spreading diseases and infections.

They also lay eggs often, increasing their existing population in your home in no time. This can make it difficult for you to control them especially if you just let these flies roam around freely. If you have a current fly control problem in your household, it is advised to address it immediately to prevent further problems from occurring.

On that note, here are some efficient methods that may help in getting rid of persistent flies in your household:

Discard unattended food sources

Unattended food sources scattered in your house can be very inviting to flies. Think of the unlidded trash cans, ignored dirty dishes in the sink, and half-empty food bowls you leave around – these may just be the very reason why flies are persistent inside your home! Conduct a thorough inspection of your house to see if there are any unattended food sources and make sure to discard them.

If you have to go through room by room, then so be it! Cleanliness may just pave your way for a fly-free house. Turn it into a habit and do it at least on a weekly basis.

Use essential oils

Flies are known to dislike the smell of essential oils, such as lavender and eucalyptus. These scents do not only make your home a pleasant-smelling one, but it also helps in warding away flies from flying and buzzing their way around.

Lavender oils, in particular, remain a popular insect deterrent used in many households to get rid of pests. You can buy lavender essential oils from shops or perhaps do a quick internet search to make one at home.

Spread the essential oil around the house to achieve effective results. Similarly, you may also opt to transfer it into a separate container and use it as a spray for easier coverage.

Make use of fly traps

Fly traps, which can be bought in stores or made personally at home, can also get rid of annoying flies in your house. Some of these traps use a sweet liquid fragrant to attract the flies to get closer but once they get trapped inside the bottle, they won’t be able to get out. This makes it easy to get rid of several flies at the same time.

Though this method does not totally stop the flies from entering your house, it is effective in luring them away or anywhere near your food or your kitchen tops. Make use of these traps around the house especially where you suspect most flies enter from.

You may also make use of fly strips, which you can also buy in shops or make at home. Fly strips are among the most well-known and easy ways of catching flies. It is best to hang these strips up around the house to ensure maximum effectiveness.

All of these easy home remedies and methods can help solve minor annoyances with flies. However, if the flies turn into a constant nuisance, it’s best to consult a professional pest control company which uses more advanced pest control methods to get rid of these pests. Our team of pest control specialists can help you effectively solve the fly infestation problem you have at home.


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