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How to Get Rid of Bee Hives Safely

During the end of the rainy season, many species of flowers full of nectar begin to bloom. Bee colonies typically start to move from their natural habitats during this time to pollinate or because their hives might have been ruined by the strong rains. These bees start to take shelter on the walls of buildings but will not normally attack unless they are provoked. 

The idea of bees not attacking unless provoked can be enough for some people to leave them alone. But there are other circumstances that may come into play like children or pets may hit the beehive or go too near. So, it would be better to call for pest control services if this is the case.

The process of bee extermination

The only real way to get completely get rid of a bee infestation is to remove the hive entirely. This procedure cannot be done too easily without sufficient knowledge and the right equipment. That is why it is better to call Pest Destroyer than to handle things on your own.

Firstly, we will visit the site personally because the primary measure to take is to properly identify the type of bees that are infesting the house or building. From that, we will check other places near the hive as some colony members tend to set up a new hive in another area.

Then, we will formulate treatment plans prioritizing overall safety and highlighting what is best for the clients’ property. The treatment process will then begin where our pest control technicians will operate with the utmost care and attention so as to get the job done quickly and without any unsuspected damage.

Who will conduct the extermination?

Trained from the best programs and organizations, our team of professionals are more than willing and even more capable of getting the job done. With quality equipment, our team is able to provide the most innovative and optimum procedures and services for our clients. Whether you want the bees moved or exterminated ethically, we use NEA-approved chemicals that are not only effective but also safe for you and your family.

Follow-up site examination

To make sure that the infestation is completely gotten rid of, we will also do routine after treatments after the operation, of course, according to the client’s availability. This is particularly important because if the hive is not completely removed, some solitary bees can take shelter and rebuild them again.


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