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9 Simple Tips to Repel Ants From Your Home

If you have never encountered ants in your house, then you are one of those lucky few. However, if you are like most people, you have fought a good number of battles against an annoying colony of ants.

Ants are the most common household pests in Singapore. With over a hundred of species occurring in the country, it’s no surprise that many homeowners have reported problems of infestation with this pests.

However, there are things you can do to reduce their population or even completely eradicate them from your home. Follow these simple tips below to get you started.

  1. First, know the colony and its queen.

In order for you to totally get rid of ant infestation, you need to eliminate first the ones you do not see.

It may sound strange, but it is your easiest way out. This is because the colony’s queen—the one who lays eggs and grows the population—never leaves the nest. She stays in their nest, being fed by his army (the ones you see marching to and fro your kitchen) and continuing to lay more eggs to reproduce more ants. While you are spraying the ants in your kitchen, she’s in there sitting comfortably, reproducing more ants to replace those you killed.

  1. Observe the marching ants.

Although this sounds ridiculous, the first thing you can do to control ants is to simply observe them move, so you can see where they get the food and where they bring them to. Ants naturally seek for food, and once it finds its source of supply, they will return to its nest with the food crumb and leave a trail scent behind. With the help of the trail scent, fellow ants will be able to locate and help bring in more food into their nest.

  1. Do not spray the ants yet.

As mentioned, the ants you see are the workers in the colony. Their purpose is to supply food to the queen and to her young, who will eventually be the next generation of worker ants.

Therefore, these trailing ants are your lead to the colony. If you kill them, the colony will just send out more worker ants, and you will never reach the heart of the colony, which is the queen.

  1. Use a bait.

Rather than killing the ants, use them to your advantage. Use an insecticide bait by placing them in stations along their trail scent.

The worker ants will discover your bait, bring it to their nest and feed it to their queen, eventually poisoning her and killing next generation of worker ants.

  1. Just keep going.

The worker ants will bring the bait to their nest, but it usually takes a few days to kill the entire colony, or even weeks if it’s a lager colony or has multiple queens. You may have to replace bait stations if they run empty.

  1. Know when the right time is to spray.

If the marching ants lead you to an outdoor nest, now is the right time to have the spot sprayed with insecticide. Drench the nest with insecticide (following the label directions) to saturate the area and kill the colony.

  1. Clean up afterwards.

Sanitation is an imperative part of the prevention process of any infestation. Like any living creature, ants require food, water and shelter to live. Ants leave their home to find food. Do not make it easy for them to bring something back to their queen. Keep your food sealed, floors free from food crumbs and all surface clean and sanitized at all times.

  1. Keep them out all the time.

Ants can enter your home even through the smallest cracks. To minimize chances of them getting into your premises, seal around entry points of wires and pipes, as well as windows and doors.

  1. Call the professionals.

If your ant problems are far more serious to handle on your own, leaving it to professional pest exterminator can be your best option. Call Pest Destroyer right away for faster extermination of ants and other pest infestation. They will be able to identify the specie of ant you may have in your home, spot their entry points and determine an effective course of action for the treatment.

Ants may not be as destructive as other pests, but when they are in larger colonies, they can pose damaging effects to your property and even to your health. When thinking of getting rid of them, make sure you do it right with these simple tips or contact Pest Destroyer for safer and faster pest termination.



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