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8 Termite Hotspots and How to Prevent Them

Termites may be tiny critters, but they come in troops, which can cause major damages to your property if you do not terminate them as soon as possible.

In order to put a stop on this infestation, the first thing you need to do is to locate their hiding place. But do you know where these pesky pests make a home at your home? Probably, you don’t. As important as it is to get rid of these crawlers, many homeowners often do not know where to start. To help you with your fight against termites, let’s begin by taking a look at these five termite hotspots in your home.

Hot Spot #1: Attic

Your attic attracts termites probably because of these two things: wooden beams and piles of cardboard boxes filled with your old belongings. If you must keep your old stuff instead of throwing them away, we recommend using plastic storage boxes over cardboard ones. Also, check by pressing your thumb onto the timber. Does it feel soft or spongy? Call Pest Destroyer right away. Spongy wooden structures are a definite sign of termite infested home.

Hot Spot #2: Walls and Wooden Fixtures

Like many insects and pests, termites can get into the tiniest holes and crevices of your home without you noticing them. When this happens, it is likely that you’ll hear them shuffling around as they munch on your wooden walls, ceiling and other wooden fixtures and spread out to other areas of the house. If you hear them in a particular area, knock on the wood. You will hear and know whether that area has been hollowed out.

Hot Spot #3: Air Conditioning Unit

Termites are fond of moist environment. Hence, your AC unit can be the source of termite infestation in your home. The moisture released from the unit is the major culprit of this issue. To avoid attracting termites, make sure the moisture released by your AC is not anywhere near your house’s foundation.

Hot Spot #4: Clothes

You probably did not expect this, did you? But cotton clothes have cellulose in them, and cellulose is food for termites. So, check your closet regularly, especially the area where you store your seasonal clothes. Shake that area up sometimes if you have left it unattended for the longest time.

Hot Spot #5: The Perimeter of Your House

The perimeter of your house can be a breeding ground for termites. What probably many of us do not know is that termites do not infiltrate a residence in the same way as ants do. Rather, they use some sort of conveyance system. Oftentimes, termites build mud tubes as their way to get around. It enables them to quickly reach other parts of the house and makes convenient access to water.  

Hot Spot #6: Leaky Pipes

Here is another reason why professional plumbing is important. A small leak in your water pipe can cost a thousands-of-dollar-worth of problem—a major structural damage caused by termites. Once you notice even the slightest leakage anywhere in your home, have it fixed right away.

Hot Spot #7: Kitchen Cupboards

Those overhead cabinets in your kitchen are a stretch of buffet for termites. During the swarm season these areas can be possible hideouts for these pests. So, make sure to regularly inspect your cupboards for any termite activity. If you see even just minor signs, do not ignore or you may face destructive and costly consequences over time.

Hot Spot #8: Garden

Everything woody in the garden is a favourite among termites. Mulch usually has wood in it. Decking and fencing are also appetizing to them. To prevent infestation, use termite-resistant or insecticide-infused wood for your yard fences.

How to Prevent Termite Infestation

It is critical to do regular inspections in every hot spot mentioned. Although we encourage you to personally keep a keen eye on these pests, Pest Destroyer can certainly do much better at keeping these pests at bay. An annual pest inspection at your home done by these professionals is the best preventive measure you can do to keep your home termite-free. Contact Pest Destroyer now to have your home thoroughly inspected not only for presence of termites but other household pests like cockroaches, spiders and rodents as well.



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