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As one of the most trusted pest control experts, we make sure to provide nothing but the best support and services to each of our clients. Our mission is to give our clients the guarantee to efficiently and safely tackle their pest infestation worries. With our excellent team of licensed experts, we strive to give our clients the best results and exceed expectations in every project we take on.


Frequent quality control checks will be conducted by a supervisor to ensure the pest management job is performed with quality and optimal satisfaction.


If the specific service indicated in the service guarantee form is not duly performed by Pest Destroyer Pest Control, we will offer a rebate of up to 100%. Terms & Conditions Apply.


Every project we tackle comes with service report after every treatment or inspection. The service report includes information on the status of the pest infestation, and then will be sent via email to the property manager or owner.



At Pest Destroyer, we are proud to provide excellent-quality pest control for a reasonable cost. Let us know the pest you’re having problems getting rid of to learn more about the ideal package for you in a more affordable price.



Pest Destroyer operates by following this tried-and-tested method. In addition to superior customer service, we come up with an efficient series of processes to ensure we can provide you with dependable, safe and effective pest management services for your home or business.


We pay visit to the site to personally check the area and diagnose the cause of pest problems. A thorough inspection will be done, which may also reveal pest infestation that you may not even be aware of.

We identify and gather information such as the pest population size, species and area of infestation.


Once the problem is identified, formulation of treatment plan that suits your needs comes next. Consultation with our experts and with you will be done before implementation of especially designed pest control solution.

We aim to provide especially designed solution that is best for your property.


An intense implementation of the approved solution will be done to significantly reduce and eradicate pest infestation. The cleansing process can be as short as a week or up to six months, depending on the severity of infestation and situation of the affected area.

We primarily target the breeding areas of the pest and use chemicals carefully for safety and efficiency of the process.


Once the infestation is put in control, we provide routine treatment that’s scheduled according to clients’ needs and availability to make sure the cleansed area remains in tiptop condition.

We provide constant monitoring, conduct regular reviews and discussions with our clients, as well as produce periodic reports to keep customers updated.


To equip our customers with the right maintenance processes that can be done on a daily basis, we give trainings and pass on some of the best practices they can do on their own at home. We will teach our clients what places to constantly check and warning signs of infestation that should not be ignored.

Part of our initiative is sending clients newsletters, provide seminars and regular industry updates.



“Pest Destroyer has been assisting us for over a year now in controlling pest infestation in our offices. Their procedure is effective in getting rid of the pests and have continued guiding is to ensure that pest infestation won’t be a problem again.”


“I am very thankful to come across Pest Destroyer pest control. Their personalized pest control services are very effective in eradicating the pests and maintaining the pest-free environment of my home. I highly recommend this company to those who are in need of pest control services.”


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Do I Really Need a Pest Control Expert?

Have you noticed a few spiderwebs in the corners of your room or some skittering in the kitchen at night? It is probably because of some pests unwelcomely living with you at home. If this is the case, something must be done right away.

Keeping your premises free of pests is crucial for many reasons. Most importantly, you would not want creepy crawlies near any of your food. Moreover, pests like termites can cause seriously costly damage to your property inside out.

Because of this, it is important to work with pest control specialists rather than just taking it your way. While there are things you can do to prevent invasion, you may want to leave it to the experts to completely eradicate pest infestation and ensure they are out of your premise for good.

DIY Pest Control Vs. Professional Pest Management
Address the Root of the Problem

If you got the right DIY solution, chances are it will wipe out all pests on your property just fine. However, what it cannot do is address the real cause of the problem. Pesticides work, but as long as the pests can get what they want from your place, they will keep coming back.

With a professional, the treatment is exclusion, not just mere eradication. It is important that you will be able to figure out why pests live in your property, how they find their way there and how to ensure they will no longer be coming back.

Applied Expertise

It is easy to assume that all insects can be eradicated with insecticides, but in reality, every type of pests require different extermination strategies. The reason why flies wanted to invade your home is totally different from why moths are invading your closet; the treatment used to repel ants would not do anything on termites.

Oftentimes, it is challenging for non-professionals to accurately identify the right method to use or even just to identify the specie of pest they are dealing with. If you are not able to exterminate completely these parasites, it will just be a waste of time and money. Pros have the necessary trainings and experiences to get rid of infestation efficiently and provide you with a result that lasts.

Care that Lasts

When treating pest infestation, you should be treating the cause—not just the symptoms. When you work with an expert, you will get a result that lasts long after the initial treatment. Not only they take measures to guarantee that their method provides permanent results, they will also provide you with knowledge and tools that you can use for easier maintenance.

During the planning stage, before the actual extermination begins, they will design a strategy based on your needs, problems and timeframe. As a result, you get a comprehensive program that’s specifically for you—not just for anyone—to ensure that your home is absolutely protected against pests.

How Pest Control Service Can Eliminate Pests for Good
Problem Diagnosis

The treatment starts with the pros coming to your premise to assess the site and diagnose the cause of pest invasion. A thorough inspection will be done to reveal the type of infestation that you are probably unaware of. Your pest expert will gather information needed, such as the species, pest population and the affected area of your home.

Formulation of Treatment Plan

Once the problem has been determined, preparation of the treatment plan that’s specific to your unique situation comes next. Discussion between you and the pest control experts will be done before implementation of the especially designed treatment plan begins.


Intense implementation of the solution will take place to significantly decrease the amount of pest infestation. This process can take as short as a few days or up to a couple of months, depending on the severity of the infestation and the situation of the area. However, experts guarantee careful use of chemicals for safety of the people in the area and ensure efficiency of the entire process.


Once the infestation is under control, experts provide maintenance treatment that is scheduled according to your availability and needs to make sure that your premise remains in its pest-free condition. Pros will impart knowledge and even some tools to help you maintain your place on your own.

Pest Prevention Methods Used
The Trap Method

Both kill and no-kill traps are used by pest control companies. This method is mostly effective on small infestations and are not reliable for larger pest populations.

Chemical Sprays

Chemical sprays, particularly insect-poison sprays, are ideal for situations where pests are confined in a specific area. This is often used to get rid of insect infestation, like beg bugs and ants.


Fumigation is a process of sealing a structure and filling it with pesticides. If it is possible to seal off an entire house, this extermination method can tackle larger areas easily and quickly. Anything from insects to spiders can be dealt with this method.

Electronic Method

This advance method makes use of electronic devices to eradicate infestation. Electromagnetic gadgets are among the most effective ways of removing ants, dust mites and mice as it directly affects their nervous system. Another type of electronic method is the use of ultrasonic devices, which works by emitting short-length, high-frequency sound waves to repel insects and rodents.

Common Household Pest Problems

Rodents can cause structural problems, but the real problem lies in what they chew through—plastics, woodworks, wires and even pipes. If you see these signs, alongside rodent droppings, you likely have an infestation going on. Other than mentioned, rodents are carriers of diseases such as leptospirosis., so make sure to get rid of them fast.

Flies and Mosquitoes

These two are often caused by negligence in hygiene. If you can see maggots and wigglers in stagnant water at home, it is likely that you have flies and mosquito infestation. It’s important to keep stagnant water securely sealed so as not to invite infestation of such insects, which can spread bacteria and dengue virus.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are annoying household pests. They are sneaky, hard to find and poses potential health risks. Armed with top-of-the-line technology and environmentally friendly products, Pest Destroyer is well-equipped to assess your pest infestation and provide eco-friendly solution to control beg bugs invasion.


Cockroach infestation also signifies sanitation problem. You can easily spot an infestation if you see roach eggs lying around and that odd smell they live in places where they are most active. While they seem tiny, they carry viruses and bacteria that can cause various illnesses, and can also trigger asthma and allergic reactions, especially in children.


Termites feed on woods, so if you see frass somewhere around the house, it could be because you have a colony of these critters around. Although termites do not cause severe health problems, they pose serious risk to your property. Make sure to get rid of them as soon as you see early signs of their presence by calling termite control specialists.

Common Office and Retail Buildings Pest Problems

Just like at home, rodents can thrive anywhere where there’s wire, pipes and plastics that they can feed on, such as your office. For businesses, particularly those in manufacturing industry, it is imperative to be rodent-free to avoid unnecessary product expenses due to damaged goods.


Even if you do not keep food at your office, it doesn’t mean you are safe from cockroach infestation. Old stacks of magazines and newspapers, cardboard boxes and all sorts of clutter can serve as an ideal thriving place for these crawlers.


Do you have a pantry in your office where you eat your lunch? Make sure to tightly close food lids and wipe away crumbs and food spillage to avoid colonies of ants parading into the premises.

Pest Prevention Tips You Can Do on Your Own at Home

The old saying “prevention is always better than cure” holds true even to keeping your home pest-free. There are many ways you can do to prevent plague of insects and pests in your home. Here’s our top three that all homeowners should be doing:

  • De-Cluttering. Dispose old stacks of papers, unused boxes and all sorts of clutter that can serve as hiding places for small crawlers.
  • Eliminating Food Sources. Store all your dry food items in air-tight containers and sealed plastic bags, leaving no food out in the open. Also, make sure to clear your home with food waste by throwing the garbage out on a daily basis. Always wipe away food debris and spillages after every food preparation.
  • Sealing entry points. Inspect your home for holes, cracks and crevices in walls. If you find any, get them fixed and sealed as soon as possible. If you don’t have screens on your doors and windows, install some. You will be able to enjoy fresh air without worrying about flying insects getting into your house.
Calling a Professional Pest Control Service

Minor occurrences of smaller pests, like roaches and ants can be tackled with store-bought pesticides. However, do keep in mind that these small critters multiply quickly and can create larger infestation problems sooner than you thought.

The best and safest way to exterminate these pests is to work with pest control company, like Pest Destroyer. Our professional technicians and pest exterminators can help you with any insect and pest problems and guarantee to get rid of them for good. We can come to you, assess your case and provide you with breakdown of pest control cost. Just give us a call and we will come to your location for thorough inspection, consultation and formulation of customized pest-control solution.